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We are a team of experienced procurement professionals with a passion for helping businesses optimize their procurement processes. Our company is built on the principle that procurement can be a strategic business function that delivers significant value to organizations.

Our team has a diverse range of expertise, including sourcing, contract negotiation, supplier management, and procurement analytics. We have worked across a variety of industries, from produce to seafood, from technology to manufacturing to healthcare, and we are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest procurement trends and best practices.

Our approach to consulting is tailored to each client's unique needs and objectives. We work closely with our clients to understand their business requirements, identify areas for improvement, and develop customized solutions that deliver measurable results.

We believe that successful procurement is not just about cutting costs but also about creating value for our clients. We focus on building strong relationships with suppliers, identifying opportunities for innovation, and improving overall supply chain performance.

At our business, we are committed to delivering exceptional service to our clients. We are dedicated to providing clear, actionable recommendations, and we work collaboratively with our clients to ensure their success. We take pride in our work and are passionate about helping our clients achieve their procurement goals.

Why Choose SeaFood.?

All of our plants have the best of quality controls that meet and exceed not only accreditation requirements, but also third party audits. We are committed to meeting the needs of domestic and international businesses through competitive pricing and providing reliable on-time delivery.

Freshly Sourced

We'll go the extra mile to assure you get only the highest quality products, sourced from providers that fit your location and timing requirements.

Food Innovations

As an importer/exporter food solutions organization, we provide high-quality, innovative food solutions for all food markets.

Quality Controll

All of our plants have the best of quality controls that meet and exceed not only accreditation requirements, but also third party audits.


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At Xource360 - We offer a full-circle sourcing or comprehensive sourcing approach, that takes a holistic view of the entire supply chain. This approach involves evaluating suppliers not just on the basis of price, but also on factors such as quality, delivery times, social and environmental responsibility, and overall business compatibility.

Here are some key components of our service:

  1. Supplier selection: At Xource360 the focus is on selecting the best suppliers, rather than just the lowest-priced ones. This involves evaluating suppliers based on a wide range of criteria, including quality, reliability, reputation, and social and environmental responsibility.
  2. Supplier relationship management: Once suppliers have been selected, our sourcing mechanism involves building strong relationships with them. This includes regular communication, performance evaluations, and collaborative problem-solving.
  3. Risk management: A comprehensive sourcing approach involves identifying and mitigating risks across the entire supply chain. This includes assessing risks related to quality, delivery, pricing, and sustainability, and developing contingency plans to address them.
  4. Contract management: Our sourcing mechanism involves ensuring that supplier contracts are fair, transparent, and enforceable. This includes negotiating favourable terms and conditions, monitoring compliance, and addressing any issues that arise.
  5. Continuous improvement: Finally, a our sourcing mechanism involves a continuous improvement mindset. This means constantly evaluating and refining procurement processes to optimise performance, reduce costs, and improve overall supply chain efficiency.

At Xource360 our job is not only limited to negotiation. We are also responsible for managing the entire procurement process, including logistics and shipping. Here are some of the key responsibilities we handle in managing logistics and shipping:

  1. Ensuring timely delivery: We take ownership for ensuring that the goods are delivered on time and in the correct quantities. We work closely with suppliers to establish delivery schedules and monitor the delivery process to ensure that it is on track.
  2. Selecting shipping methods: We are responsible for selecting the most appropriate shipping methods based on the nature of the goods, the distance, and the time frame. We consider factors such as cost, speed, and security when selecting a shipping method.
  3. Managing transportation and logistics: We manage transportation and logistics to ensure that goods are moved efficiently and effectively. We work with logistics providers to ensure that the shipment is packed, labeled, and transported according to the specified requirements.
  4. Monitoring shipment progress: We monitor the progress of the shipment to ensure that it is on track. We track the shipment from the time it leaves the supplier until it arrives at the destination. We also keep the client informed of the shipment's progress, providing regular updates as needed.
  5. Resolving issues: If any issues arise during the shipping process, the Xource360 is available for resolving them. We work with suppliers, logistics providers, and other stakeholders to find a solution that meets everyone's needs.


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